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Shepp was a German Shepard. A very handsome boy. Shepp had been dumped at an abandoned home in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was left for WELL over a MONTH, to die with NO FOOD OR WATER & CHAINED to the extent that his collar was embedded in his skin.

The neighbors SAW him suffering yet NOBODY called or did ANYTHING until it was too late. Someone had placed food BY him BUT he was TOO weak to even get up to eat. Someone contacted KZTV, a news station that stands up for people & animals alike.

He was found in horrific conditions on 9.16.08. Parts of his bones were exposed due to constant friction from TRYING to move.

He was found laying on CONCRETE, under a carport, UNABLE to even get up from his side & with what appeared to be a wound to his neck. BARELY within reach, was an overturned bucket with some dry food.

Shepp squirmed in an attempt to move when the Animal Control officers arrived. He was UNABLE to budge but a few inches. His ribs were protruding through the skin...he ONLY weighed 43 lbs. LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT IS CONSIDERED A HEALTHY WEIGHT. His skin was growing OVER his collar & there were wounds all over his little body. His skin & muscle had worn through due to the friction of him struggling on the cement, with approx. 1 inch of shoulder bone exposed.

Shepps' case is being labeled as THE worst case of animal abuse/neglect that local officers have EVER seen.

A neighbor told reporters that "a man in a tan colored Ford Ranger dropped Shepp off about a month ago at a vacant home. She said in the news report that she knew the dog was indeed THING but didn't know what to expect until this past Monday when the dog apparently got loose from whatever means the man had used to tie it up."

The vehicle was found at another residence. The owner of the home CLAIMED to know the owner of the truck but COULDN'T remember his name DESPITE it being her BROTHER-IN-LAW. I am guessing she had a memory lapse. According to her, this person said he
FOUND the dog.

Sadly, Animal Control Director, Kelli Copeland explainded how this case & so many others fall SHORT of PROPER investigation & prosecution due to LIMITED resources. When there is a child abuse case versus an animal abuse case, current available resources go to the child.

Shepp WAS removed from these horrible conditions in which he was found but he did not make it. He had the will to live but his poor little body couldn't take it due to the extreme neglect he endured for over a month.